In the future, robots cater to man’s every want and need. That is, unless you’re a lowly line cook like Irene Turnsole. After Irene travels to her late father’s home, she discovers that her sister has gone missing and nobody is coming to help find her. Turnsole suspects the cultists of The Light of the Future, her own father’s extreme futurist corporation, but proving it isn’t going to be so easy. Irene soon discovers she has just two days to track her sister down before the cultists perform an ominous-sounding ritual. To solve the mystery, Irene must dig into the secrets of her father’s corporation, a world on the edge of the Singularity, and her family's own painful past – before precious time runs out.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsWhiteLocke, mborgard
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Average sessionA few hours


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I'm completely stuck. I assume you need to shine the laser at india in order to use the ram, how do you do that?

I can't remember exactly but I think you might need to go deduce some things in the office before you can continue.

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hey, i was having fun but the deductions are really killing me now. i give up since at this point i am simply doing every combinations of every item and location and deduction and failing. 

i tried to burn my dad's corpse and blew up myself with the pod tubes and matches. what am i supposed to deduce/find/combine, etc?

(edited out some spoilers)


hey! Thanks for playing. It's been a long time since I made this, but I think you need to deduce something from the book. Good luck!

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thanks, one last bit please! i used the stick and got the list of countries, with india not in there. i talked with cultists, the drunk, and the bartender about the book and they mentioned buddhism, the blood, and the museum. what am i missing to get irene to google "Lion Capital of Ashoka"?

I think maybe you just need to combine the book clue and the map clue back in her office.

Finished - this game is sick! Can't wait to replay.

Really interested in this story but having a hell of a time. I have exactly 0 idea how to get the bars phone number.

Find something from the bar and examine it for a phone number?

I like this style of game play, very simple but pulls the player in with an intriguing story line. I almost feel it's too challenging! I'm really stuck on one part of the game but want to finish!


Where are you stuck?